#OpCanary & #OpAfrica Comeback

The campaigns seek to highlight abuses committed by corporations with and without government collusion.


The #OpCanary and #OpAfrica Anonymous campaigns, which had been dormant for some time, sparked into life recently with hacks of the Ugandan Ministry of Finance, a Rwandan government controlled IT company, a Tanzanian Telco and a South African jobs portal.


The campaigns target corporations engaged in the use of child labour, human rights violations and corruption. #OpCanary targets multinational corporations with the #OpAfrica component focussing on African entities. The campaigns seek to highlight abuses committed by corporations with and without government collusion.

A Canadian mining company’s website was recently defaced. Last week, Anonymous hacked Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited a subsidiary of Essar Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate holding company with investments in steel, oil & gas, power, ports, shipping, telecoms, real estate and technology outsourcing companies.

Essar has been accused of human rights abuses, is caught in a government corruption probe in India and is also being investigated for massive tax evasion using offshore shell companies, amongst other notable activities.

Mass-Hack of Angolan Government Sites

In a separate hack, Portuguese hackers targeted twenty Angolan government websites in response to the jail sentences given to members of a Luanda-based book club.

In total, seventeen Angolan activists were sentenced to between 2 and 8 ½ years on charges of plotting a “rebellion” against the government – for simply reading a book.

In response to the outrageous sentences Amnesty International said the matter was “an affront to justice,” and pressed for the immediate release of the activists

Amnesty spokesperson Deprose Muchena said “Angolan authorities use the criminal justice system to silence dissenting views. The activists have been wrongly convicted in a deeply politicised trial. They are the victims of a government determined to intimidate anyone who dares to question its repressive policies.”

So You Want To Be A Digital Ghost – Introduction

This series of posts are provided as a guide to the private citizen who holds concerns regarding their information security and the protection of their data from unauthorized access from state and non-state actors.

This information is not intended for use for any other purpose in particular to access the deep web or dark net to conduct illegal transactions or engage in illegal activities.


The implementation of these guides are intended for legal use and not to facilitate acts of criminality – these guides are for those of us who seek to protect our privacy in the belief that in a democracy every law abiding individual is entitled to a private life.

Caveat on the Caveat 

These posts are not intended to be Blackhat however like any hints and tips on any subject they can be used the wrong way.

If you are the type of person who feels the need to use internet to hire a hit-man to shoot your dog, buy poor viagra substitutes online or trade bomb making tips with your jihadi buddies then these guides are just as effective but …..

You also leave non-digital footprints and the forums which you may intend to visit, using the anonymity tools and tips described herein, are no doubt compromised and riddled with honeypots and lurking super secret squirrels and in those we trust.

Getting What You Want 

Some readers looking for answers / hacks / links / shortcuts will be aware of elements of the content of these posts and to avoid frustration a section at the top of each new post will call out what subject is being discussed in that post and what sub categories it contains – for example:

POST: Internet Censorship Software & Workarounds
Sub-Categories: Blue Coat Systems; SmartFilter; Fortinet; Websense; Netsweeper; Making Invisible Spyware Footprints Visible; Keyloggers; Malware Detection; Man in the Middle; TSCM; 

You will then be able to jump to the section you are interested in – or wholly ignore the post – or patiently wait for your section of interest. This series will run for twelve months with three posts per week so thats 156 pearls of wisdom riddled, real life expertise indispensable posts for you.

A complete contents and navigation guide will be included in the next post with the subject of each post, sub-categories, a clickable link and an intended publication date.

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