Electronic communications are extremely vulnerable to illegal surveillance. To boot, Google made it clear in 2013 that users of Gmail who send or receive e-mail via their platform should not expect their messages to remain private.

They said users had “No legitimate expectation of privacy”. They tried to back-track and Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon and portrayed itself as an advocate for privacy.

Don’t be fooled – the entire infrastructure is rigged for covert surveillance and despite the Snowden revelations – PRISM, XKeyscore, Tempora, Muscular, Stateroom, The Five Eyes Espionage Alliance and many other programmes still exist (re-branded or not) – combine the Gemalto Hack, engineered backdoors into commercial products, the pressure applied to Lavabit and its subsequent closure – and the privacy of digital communications is being assaulted from every side.

If you allow it then it will happen. If you choose not to allow it then we will make sure that people can do what they can to ensure that their digital communications do remain private or at the very least present a set of defences that are not economically viable for eavesdroppers to compromise – even in the most extreme cases.

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